Hey guys! At the start of summer I uploaded my summer bucket list and set myself the challenge of completing everything on it and I told you when summer was over I would come on here to let you guys know how many things on the list I manged to do. Summer ended for me at the end of September. If you want to read my summer bucket list before reading this I will link it below for you! Thank you for reading :)

my summer bucket list :)))

1. Learn a new Language
Uncompleted :(

2. Take part in a marathon
Completed - I took part in the race for life in support of people fighting cancer

3. Get a summer job
Completed- I got a job in the middle of summer in a shop close to where I live and I am still working there now :)

4. Have a picnic
Completed - Me and my family went to the beach for the day and took a picnic with us

5. Go camping
Uncompleted :(

6. Visit the beach
Completed - I visited several beaches over the summer

7. Go to the funfair
Completed - I visited the fair when it came to my home town

8. Complete a wreck this journal
Completed - This one by far took my the longest to complete but I'm so happy with how it turned out

9. Visit somewhere outside the country
Completed - I went to Torrevieja in Spain with my boyfriend and his family which I really enjoyed and we did some really fun and amazing activities

10. Start a YouTube channel
Uncompleted - I was so busy over the summer I didn't have time to but it's definitely something I still want to do soon

11. Create a scrapbook
Completed - I made one on my relationship, and included pictures of my and boyfriend and memories from places we have visited together

12. Go to a trampoline park
Uncompleted - I really want to go to one and I might be soon

13. Go swimming
Completed - Me and my brother went together and I also went swimming when I was on holiday

14. go on a roadtrip
Completed - Me and my boyfriend did this together, we got in the car and drove for hours listening to good music and stopped for food and we had lots of fun doing this

15. Give my bedroom a makeover
Completed - I changed the layout of stuff in my bedroom and added new decorations such as pictures and new pillows and throws

16. Have a sleepover
Completed - I slept round at my friends house and we had a takeaway and ate lot of snacks while watching movies

17. Visit a waterfall
Completed - Me and my boyfriend visited High force Waterfall together

18. Do a high-ropes course

19. Read more books
Completed - I was able to read a lot more books over the summer which I enjoyed because I really like reading book and wish I had more time to read and not always have to wait until the summer to do so

20. Go to the cinema
Completed - Me and my mum went to see Mamma Mia here we go again (Mamma Mia 2) and I loved it!!!

21. Visit the zoo

22. Go bowling
Completed - Me and my family went together one night

23. Take tumblr pics
Completed - Me and my friends took some of each other and together :)

24. Movie day/night
Completed - I did this more than once lol :)

25. Bake a cake
Completed - Me and my grandma did this togehter

26. Have a BBQ
Completed - We had one for my birthday in July and for my dad's birthday

27. Water fight
Completed - Me and my friends had a water fight in my back garden and it was so much fun

28. Try a new restaurant
Completed - Me and my went out for the day and tried T.G.I. Fridays for the first time and it was amazing :)

29. Feed duck
Completed - Me and my mum took my two younger sisters to the duck pound near when my granddad lives and we fed the ducks some bread

30. Play mini golf
Completed - We went away for the weekend to a caravan park and played it there

24/30 completed :)

See you soon :)))