Hellooo. Today is about travel, a little bit of memories, advices and a little bit of missing. When I was starting collage I always wanted to travel to a few countries, learn new languages and thankfully i was able to do that. First I lived in Malaysia for 2 months and then I lived in Hamburg for 5 months. Both of these was education programs and both was amazing opportunities, so I am really glad. So, even if you feel like you can never go abroad with your own options, open your eyes and look for this kind of programs and you will find one.

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Being around the world, traveling can be the best feeling ever existed. Meeting people from different cultures and languages, eating new food types, discovering. I only hope that I have another chance to go to another country and live there for a while. The thing is there had been countries that I visited for a few days as well only to travel; but living in a country for at least 2 months is something entirely different and better. Because in that time you get to know the people, culture, language and open up to something wider than your own. And that is what i love.

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And I am hopeful of the future, I believe I will find chances to live in another places than my own again. But the thing is when traveling having a home to come back to is so important, having a family waiting for you, a place you call home. If you go out without knowing where your home is you might get lost while wondering, so know that home is where you miss the moment you leave it and feel peaceful inside. For me, i think i will never stop wondering but hopefully i will come back home at the end of the day.

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Good bye for today.