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I saw this type of article on we heart it like a long ago.

And i just forgot to make my own. It is ‘my friends as aesthetic’ so basically this article is me showing my friend’s characteristic by a bunch of aesthetically pictures according to their personality or what they look like.
By the way, for their own privacy I’m not saying their real name, but it’s close to it.
So, let’s jump right into it

  • Me
mood, reaction, and reaction picture image autumn, break, and cafe image background, orange, and wallpaper image makeup, beauty, and eyeshadow image book, hunger games, and the hunger games image Image removed
"That girl just talking shit about you". Me: "Who? eh, whatever. I don't care"
  • Afril
Image removed quotes, wallpaper, and background image Temporarily removed cat, doraemon, and flower image asian girl, korea, and korean girl image Image removed
"God, why did they do that to us?" ((still talk about it for 3 days after that))
  • Cea
advice, burn, and fuck image boys, exo, and idol image school, bitch, and fake image Image removed blue, girl, and ocean image girl, homework, and ugly image
"Is my crush went to the canteen yesterday when i absent school?"
  • Lara
my little pony, rarity, and cute image aries, astrology, and zodiac image Inspiring Image on We Heart It maggie lindemann image charlie puth image quotes, light, and neon image
"Where is my hairpin?!"

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gossip girl, blair waldorf, and chanel image Temporarily removed
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