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Hey guys! This is my first article here in whi; i kinda hesitate about it but anyways :) Before i start, i probably should introduce myself: my name is Doménica and i'm 23 years old; travelling is one of my hobbies, also i love music (specially the indie folk / country), dogs and i am a true coffee lover. I live in Ecuador, so i really apologize if you find some grammar mistakes (feel free to correct me plz :)). I think that's it about me, so let's get into the article:

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Fall is my favorite season ever, it truly gets me into a chill mood; however here in Ecuador, we don't have this season (which is really sad), thanks God i've had the chance to visit some countries that actually have it.

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I really love the chilly, cozy weather. It's perfect to stay at home in front of the chimney, drinking coffee or hot coco with marshmellows; or watching Netflix or dancing around the room in baggy sweaters, listening to folk music from record players.

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The warm colors of this season are astonishing; the leaves falling from the trees, the woody smell, everything in perfect harmony.

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I really think that the folk and country were made for times like these. Artists like Ben Howard, Kaleo, The Head and the Heart are really good companions in this season.

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Pumpkin Spice Latte, Apple Cinnamon Cookies, Hot Cocoa, Teas, Cupcakes, Waffles, Pancakes and so much more to spice up our lives.

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So this is it guys, i really appreciate if you read it all :) I hope you´re having an amazing and wonderful day. Remember you're beautiful and unique, never give up cause' at the end of the day, everything is gonna be ok <3

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Dome :)

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