I find making friends difficult. The whole talking to people thing just doesn’t work well for me. I just don’t come off great. I’m too quiet and awkward and I stumble over my words. For some reason I just won’t let people see anything close to ‘the real me’ until I’ve known them for months. So, I thought I’d write this and share it with the world in the hope it may result in something. Sadly, I don’t think I’m very good at writing, so this probably won’t go to plan. Damn.
I find it easy to write- it’s just like I’m talking to someone and I let my personality properly come out. This is probably cos there’s no one to judge me apart from a blank page. And the only way to defeat that blank page it to blab nonsense at it until it’s gone.
I’m kind of lonely right now and it’s probably my fault. Even if I want friends a lot of things you have to do to make them are quite scary and involve a heck of a lot of worry and stress. At least they do if you’re me. So, if you’re also a person who worries endlessly about a lot of things that probably don’t need worrying, then I think you should stay here a bit longer.

I’m someone who falls into the nerd/ geek category. My favourite show of all time is Sherlock and I adore Doctor Who, the MCU, the LOTR/Hobbit franchise and more. If you wanna just gape at the wonders of Benedict or the awesomeness of Loki I’m right here. If you want someone to discuss the joys of the Good Place or why everyone should be watching Crazy-ex Girlfriend just stay a wee bit longer.
If you’re someone like me who just wants to try and make the best of life, who just wants to smile and be friendly and enjoy both the small and big things please write back. I’m just a person searching for another; I know you’re out there. I could be that friend you’ve waited for all your life. So, don’t waste this opportunity; send a reply. Or a Sherlock meme.