Since I was a little girl I always liked princesses, I have to admit that as time goes by, the princesses from before like Snow White or Sleeping Beauty have lost their charm for me as they show how they thought they should be a woman, submissive and waiting let the "Blue Prince" save her. Princesses like Mulan, Tiana or Moana, among others have become my favorites and I'm glad they are the princesses for this new generation of strong girls!
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Next I will show you my ideal princess, I invite you to do it!


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Meaning of the name: ~ That which shines ~




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Snow white hair, olive skin and gray eyes. His back is full of constellations, birthmark


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Silver and blue sky, favorite colors. He wears a suit with pants for his trips to the forest.


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Winter Wolf / Name:Snowy


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The first and second crown are gifts from her family, the last two are won by her


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Despite the cold outside, the interior is warm and smells delicious food. It has a huge library with thousands of books. His style is Renaissance with modern touches. Located in Reykjavik, Iceland.


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Mademe Blavatsky/Witch
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Ian, the faithful warrior of the villain (he is really a spy) wants to destroy him, but he needs to find his weakness in order to kill him. In their quest to find the weakness of the villain who meets Eleonora, at first they do not get along. But they end up feeling things for each other, and they fight together to destroy the villain ...


Mature image art, believe, and hand image air, elements, and magic image hands, snow, and winter image
Aerokinesis/Ability to control, generate or absorb air or wind.


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Uncle on Dad's part, he was exiled for using magic to control the kingdom. He wants to destroy his family and dominate with his dragons, by drinking the blood of the dragon his appearance has changed