Hi everyone! it's me again here is the top 10 of this month. I hope you enjoy it!

THE BOYZ - right here (all album)

kpop, the boyz, and ot12 image red, grunge, and aesthetic image
My zone THE BOYZ is right here

NCT DREAM - drippin' (all album)

Image removed Adult, black, and lust image
It’s dripping love love

SUNMI - siren

green, siren, and lee sunmi image aesthetic, alternative, and colors image
Can’t you see that, boy?

CHANYEOL & SEHUN - we young

exo, sehun, and chanyeol image Temporarily removed
So we don’t stay down cuz we young

SEUNGRI - 1, 2, 3

big bang, daesung, and gd image Temporarily removed
Hana, dul, set

GOT7 - lullaby (all versions)

JB, lullaby, and mark image got7, aesthetic, and jinyoung image
Hablame dulce, es mágico, sweet lullaby

BTS - magic shop

Image by JongieShopeu Halloween, witch, and black image
You gave me the best of me so you'll give you the best of you

NCT 127 - come back

taeil, nct, and moon taeil image best friend, bff, and come back image


soyeon, seulgi, and chungha image makeup, rainbow, and beauty image
Follow my heart that explodes, boom boom boom

BTS - pied piper

jin, v, and rm image Temporarily removed
Come here, I’m your paradise