Holaaa sweetie piesss!!

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Today I bring ( as you see by the title) costumes for halloweeen!!
I really loove movies and tv shows so, all the costume ideas are about that.
Let's goooo!

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The Bride (Kill Bill: Vol. 1) // Damian (Mean Girls) // Mavis (Hotel Transilvania) // Joyce Byers (Stranger Things) // Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction) // Olive Penderghast (Easy A)
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Jacobim Mugatu & Katinka (Zoolander) // MadHatter & the Red Queen (Alice's in Wonderland) // Cher & Dionne (Clueless) // Coraline & Wybie (Coraline) // Leon & Mathilda (The Professional) // Grady twins (The Shining)
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Stiles & Lydia (Teen Wolf) // Walter & Jesse (Breaking Bad) // Mermaid man and Barnacle boy (SpongeBob SquarePants) // Steve & Nancy (Stranger Things) // Pablo Escobar & Cocaine this is my favorite so far... (Narcos) // Dipper & Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls)
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Disney Villains // Casa de Papel- Money Heist // Mean Girls Style // Power Rangers // Scooby Doo Crew // Hogwarts houses theme
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Vincent van Gogh & The Starry Night // Star Wars theme // Edward Scissorhands // Peter Pan friends and villains // Grandparents // E.T & Elliot

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