In Kabukicho, Tokyo's hot spot, it is almost three in the morning. Two young men dressed in black suits come out of a Soapland*.

japan, night, and photo image
kabukicho by night

One of them takes a cigarette out of the inner pocket of his jacket. He lights it gently in the light of a lamppost. He has blond bleached hair, brush his hair a little backwards. He has big, light brown eyes. It's pretty small, even for an Asian. The man who accompanies him is taller. There is black hair that hides the black almond eyes. And that's me.
I'm a man of the hour, my name is Shota Park.
The blond boy with me is kind of my best friend, a little forced by fate. His name is Fujimi Ryoko (fujimi means immortality, invincibility and he wears it wonderfully. ) Fujimi has the gift to put himself in dangerous situations but he always comes out lucky, in a way he is immortal.
Methamphetamine addict (which is what we received in our profession), he is paranoid and violent; he acts out of envy but more often than not out of amusement.
But in the end, maybe he's the one who's doing the best job of us.

Anyway, Fujimi and I had finished our mission. Fujimi took the keys to the Mercedes from his trouser pocket, which was too loose for him.
So we go home without knowing yet the consequences of this famous mission that night.

car, white, and yakuza image
a typical yakuza car, a white mercedes

*(The soaplands are a Japanese brothel. The hostess soaps her customers entirely after undressing each other. Then they take a bath together, or a jacuzzi for the luxury soaplands. Then both partners can decide to have more intimate relationships depending on whether they want to or not.