I am a 9th-grade student.i fell in love with a guy or my classmate in the 6th grade. i used to smile and look at him, his photos.so my BFF came to know about this.she talked to me saying stay in a relationship with him and i'll talk to him.so she talked to him and she said even if you don't love her play with her.she said the same thing to me.then when he said okay i said no and when i said ok he said no. fortunately, he became my side partner in the class.we talked a lot, but i couldn't express my feelings.

a year passed.

in the 7th grade, everyone started teasing us by each others name. so his best friend messaged me and asked"do you love him?" i said "yes". his friend talked to him and later i get a message that says"congratulation girl!! he loves you too". i started jumping in my room. and we talked in fb for long hours. i told my bus friend she was really happy. in the class she was in front of him. so, she said "go talk to her" and he said "ok".she called me saying he called me so when i said what happen she just kept staring at me.and when i returned home i asked him why didn't you talk to me he said i'm shy. everyone made an effort on us,helping us talk but we both were shy.

we almost didnt talk for straight 1 month.i wished him 12:00 but no reply.

then,comes valentines week.
i started doubting on him,whether he loves me or not.there was a girl who loved him too and wanted to destroy our relationship.then on feb 7(rose day)his friend said he dont love you.i asked him he said "yes,i dont love you" "im sorry".then we broke up.

after the first week,i came to know he already moved on.i cried a lot those night and still cry for him.
it more than 2 years and i still love him.