Sometimes, I want to scream; I want to scream at the top of my lungs until I can't scream anymore. Sometimes, I just want to hit something, I want to hit anything as hard as I can and keep hitting it until my arms go numb. Sometimes, I just want to sing as loud as I can, as long as I can until the music ends. Sometimes, I want to run and run as fast and as far as I can until my legs collapse beneath me.
Sometimes, I need to cry, but I don't, because I hate to waste the time. Sometimes, I need to close my eyes and listen to my own hear beat, but I can't, because I'm always surrounded by noise. Sometimes, I need to yell at someone; yell as loud as I want at them, and see the shocked look on their face, but I don't, because yelling has consequences. Sometimes, I need to get in trouble, just do something I know is wrong, but I never do, because I'm afraid. Sometimes, I need to tell the truth; just shout it from a very tall building, and be free of it, but I don't, because I don't think the truth will be enough.

Sometime, I long for a break, a break from living, from going to school, from worrying, from hiding, but I don't get one; I have to keep doing these things. Sometimes, I long to just pour out my heart to someone other than my keyboard, to trust in someone completely, to know they won't yell or judge, to know they won't say no or walk away, but I have no one with that guarantee. Sometimes, I long to speak my mind and tell everyone how I really feel, to tell them and walk away with no regrets, but I can't, because you can never speak on impulse without a few pangs of guilt afterward. Sometimes, I long to say 'Screw you!' and tell someone off, but I don't, because that's a really fast way to lose a friend.