a little motel in a forgotten town in southern california. old music is always playing, with of course the exception of constant lana del rey songs. among many things, an eye-catching element of this peculiar motel is the fact that each and every light glows a soft bluish purple, creating a beautiful yet indescribable feeling of pure amiability. the reason for its idiosyncratic name is exactly what many assume. this establishment is a place where broken yet passionate lovers go to find someone, anyone, willing to give them as much as simply a gratifying touch. despite the rumours heard around town about trashiness and sinful acts within the walls of the lonely hearts motel, to countless people there is a sense of feelings depict as hominess and welcoming qualities. the highlights of the motel include a small gift shop, carrying everything from lacy undergarments to supposed heartache healing crystals dangling from glowing gold chains, often purchased by eager guests. a bar, which has loud music, strong drinks, and unusual dancers at all hours of the day, sometimes attracting a not so accepted crowd. a small cafe only open in the morning hours, which serves strong coffee, filling smoothies, and most popular, juices that cure even the most unfavourable hangovers. (wip)