Ushuaia is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. I was there 3 days and I’m gonna tell you all the things I did because it’s basically the things that you must do, of course there are more things to experience but for a short trip these are the most important.

From the airplane, when you are getting close to the city, you can see all the stunning landscapes that include enormous mountains covered with snow, the airport and the city are surrounded by the mountains so everywhere you have spectacular views.

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At this time of the year the winter is gone but it can snow, when I was there it didn’t but the weather was cold, especially when wind. Anyway, here are the things that I did but remember that in winter (july-september) there are other things that you must do.

Sail the Canal Beagle (Beagle Channel)

You must sail the Beagle Channel. There are different options of boat tours and the duration of each one can change. I did a tour that took me to Isla de Pájaros (Birds Island), Isla de lobos (Sea lions Island), Faro Les Eclaireurs (lighthouse) and Bridges Island.

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You can’t disembark in Isla de Pájaros and Isla de Lobos but the boat will approach as near as it can and you will see beautiful animals living in their own habitat. At Bridges Island you do can disembark and observe Yámana archaeological ruins and a different landscape where you can take beautiful pictures.

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This tour can be really cold so you should drink hot chocolate inside the boat, it’s delicious.

Note: in summer you can see penguins!

Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego (Tierra del Fuego National Park)

You can enter the park in car or take the train. I took the train and I think that is a nice experience because of the landscapes and the history than you can learn (which is very interesting). The park is extremely big so, to see more things, I did the tour in a van and stopped in different places to observe the mountains, rivers and lakes, and to walk through the forest and beside the lake. Believe me the landscapes are breathtaking.

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Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world, that’s why is known as the end of the world, but you can literally go there because here you can go to Bahía Lapataia and will find the end of the Pan-American Highway, from this point there is no more terrestrial road and if you want go to the Antártida you would have to go on a boat or swim.

Meet the Siberian Huskys

In Winter you can ride on a dog sled and observe the forest from a different point of view but, since there is no longer snow, I went just to know them. I fell in love.

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Siberianos de Fuego is the only place where you can pet and hug the dogs, there are 137 dogs that are trained to love people and pull around a sleigh. They love to run and pull the sleighs, don’t worry if you feel bad for them, they are doing what they love and can support really low temperatures so they are fine.

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When the snow is completely melted there are other activities with the dogs like trekking in the forest with them.

About the food

Eating lamb is very traditional so should eat it at least once, there are also a lot of seafood and you must taste their artisanal beer “Beagle”.

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Things I didn’t do but you should

Of course some of this things depends on the season but you should ski, trekking, hike, see penguins, and go to the museums in the city.

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Next stop: Calafate! See you soon.