This is just a few of the million things I´ve learned from fashion design:

- Don´t be arrogant 👑🚫
Don´t make the common mistake to think that fashion is just glam and luxury. There is a lot of people that think fashion is for people that is vain and arrogant, and well... a lot of fashion bloggers and designers are... but you don´t have to. DON´T BE, we don´t need more people like that.

- Be curious, have fun!💡
Is common that at first your designs are gonna be simple and basics. My advice is don´t stick with that you have the freedom to design EVERYTHING, experiment!, try new silhouettes, new things anyone have seen. Even when others think is weird. Be disruptive.

- Find your style✏️
Design and sketch a lot, the more you sketch your designs you will realize that theres one thing that you always do, like a pattern, I don´t know how to explain, but you will find your style. Something that just you can do.

- Don´t just design, MAKE! ✂️
The process of making patterns, and sewing will help A LOT in your design process, be opened to try new materials, new fabrics, even no just fabrics, be artistic.

-Don´t compare your self with others💁🏻
You are unique, design what comes from you heart and mind. There are gonna be people that are better than you and worse than you, so it does not matter to compare your self. No one see the things as you do. We all are different

Please DON´T. To see pictures of clothing in pinterest is only gonna drive you plagiarize. If you need inspiration go out, see real things , nature, people, arquitecture, etc. You can see nature pictures but don´t clothing.

Like other careers this one is hard, you will try to give up, but if you are brave and like to create dont´t give up. You are gonna success! Belive Me