So I know I made one of these articles before back in 2017 but I have changed some to names that I actually like. So let’s get started:)

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My favorite baby names and their meanings These are my absolute favorite baby girl names

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1. Davina - Beloved or friend
2. Olivia - Olive branch or Elf army
3. Alycia - Noble one
4. Jemma - Jewel or gem

Now how I would use those 4 baby names for my future children

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🎀🎀 Girls ~~🎀🎀
1. Davina Clementine
2. Olivia Laurel
3. Alycia Rose
4. Jemma Bradley

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These are names I like but probably won’t name my children it but they’re still nice.

1. Danielle - God is my judge
2. Aria - air
3. Addison - son of Adam
4. Emma - whole or universal
5. Ramona - protecting hands
6. Sadie - princess
7. Scarlett - red
8. Daniella - god has judged or god is judge
9. Talulah - leaping water
10. Regina - queen
11. Harley - hare wood or meadow
12. Hayley - jay meadow
13. Savanna - treeless plain
14. Bonnie - pretty or attractive

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These are my all time favorite baby boy first names

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1. Mason - one who works with stone
2. Bellamy - fair, beautiful
3. Remi - rower
4. Darius - he possesses or rich and kingly

Now how I would use the baby boy names for my future children

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Boys ~~🏀🏀
1. Mason Carter
2. Bellamy Reign
3. Remi Braxton
4. Darius Lex

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Like i said before these are names I like but probably won’t name my children it but they’re still nice

1. Robin - famed, bright
2. Sam - sun child
3. Daniel - god is my judge
4. Nathan - gift from god
5. Bentley - Derived from a surname and place name referring to a clearing covered with coarse grass
6. Christian - Christian
7. Ula - wealthy
8. Bryson - son of Brice
9. Lexon - moon
10. William - resolute protector
11. Nathanael - Gift from God or born on Christmas
12. Kaiser - Emperor
13. Dax - French town

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So that's all, i hope who ever sees this like one of these or got inspiration from one.