I am thankful to you, though you have put yourself in lots of shit, I'm glad I'm standing here, with you still remaining in my heart.
I am thankful for you, for not swallowing the poisons that have managed to successfully pollute your mind.
I am thankful for you, who decided to get out of the bathtub that was overflowing with emotions and negativity.
I am thankful for you, who decided that you had a better future lying ahead, and that you must keep going.
I am thankful for you, who met my now most special people who have became such an important part in my life.

Thank you for keeping your faith, thank you for surrendering to yourself. Thank you for giving it up to the universe, so you can be guided to wonderful miracles.
Thank you for caring for us, thank you for having a dream.
Because, without it. You would have thought, I mean, we would have thought there would be no other will to live.

I am living because I have to complete my life mission. I am living because I am aware I have much more to do, much more to experience.
I am aware, no moments in life are perfect. No moments in life can stay perfect forever.
Even though, you are broken. You seem to be the most perfect to me.
Because despite, being broken. You still had the faith between the cracks. You still smiled, you still tried. You tried for us.

And now, for the two of us. I aspire to be the best version of myself in the later future. I aspire to be the role model I have always looked up to. Me.
We have been through shit, but I'm so glad. We are breathing, with the sunset painted in front of us. The golden yellow setting into the scenery as the night begins to awaken. We are now transitioning to the end of the day, and to the start of the morning.

Let's chase together, let's do it together. At the start of the morning, I'll see you smiling up at me, and I'll smile back at you. I have hatched from the egg you have been caged in, and I'm a baby bird, learning how to fly. We will be a complete set of wings, together.

I love you.
I love me.
I love us.

With all of my heart, sincerely, me, you and us.