Hi !
I'm sooo happy to talk with you today. i know that i didn't speak since a long time and my life had changed so much.
Last time, I told you that I was in ireland to live my student life. Since this time, I came back in France and re-start my life plan.
First, after Dublin I start my internship in the jewel brand Thomas Sabo. Some of you must know this brand. So now I can tell you to NEVER buy something from there. people are unkindly and the quality is really poor.

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After that, I went to Cuba with my family and it was a beautiful moment. We saw many landscape, talked with populations and discovered their way of life. I liked this place so much. And I think that if you want to go there, don't wait because is gonna be too late really soon.

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My holidays was really cool but not just for what I did. It was also for what I learned. In April, I came back in France because of the burrial of my grand-mother. Is was stressful because in this part of the familly, no one talk and I had never meet them. This day was full of akward energies and everyone was aware. But in the middle of this bad vibes, I saw the emergence of this little thing. the little light in my heart when i saw all my sisters and brothers in the arms of my dad, my mother and step mother behind. It was that moment when you realise how we can be united in front of the difficulty of the life.
After that, all of us stay closer than before. Now we feel the need to see each other, to be there and to understand why we have to enjoy this.
Such a beautiful this to realize the success of our parents in front of the difficulties life creates fro us and how they keep our familly so united.
So the only thing I want to say to them is a big THANK YOU :)

The last thing, and probably one of the most important is HIM. Last time I told you that my best friend came to see me in ireland. since this day, I never left him, staied together, went in vacation and have fun all the time.
But one day, after a big desagreement, we stopped to talk to each other. After one week, I realized that I can't stay away from him.
I'm totally in love with him, whatever we can do or tell to the world.
I don't know what life gonna give to us but I know that he is the man I want to finish my life with.

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To all my little hearts
With love