I have so questions in my mind right now. i hope that I might not be the only one who feels the same.

Recently, as I wake early in the morning and get ready for my shift I realized that my life is a bore. I open my eyes at 5:00 am be at work by 6. As I walk under pink skies and bright yellow lights, I keep thinking of how can I make my life worth it?

Will it always be a daily routine to get up, work, chores and repeat? or will I ever get the chance to enjoy it like most 25 year olds out there?

Hopefully I may not sound to privilege but my mind always brings me back to the days where I have no worries. I guess most young adults have this in mind right?

We may come across to a saying that " you have your own timeline" but I will be glad to know when does my success is written. But then again, this is reality and nothing is perfect. Everyday I just do my hardest and best to live up.

for those that are feeling the same, ganbatte ne!