what's up guys. I just got home from work and finished my homework, and so i'm bored now. I thought i'd share some fun movies that I've been watching lately and that I think you should check out too.

1. Venom
Okay, you know I had to include this. I'm like embarrassed on how long it took for me to realize how insanely incredible Tom Hardy is, and this movie really showed it. It's like, the most ridiculous thing I've ever watched (Tom literally sits in a tank of lobsters and eats them raw?? poetic cinema) Anyway, I saw it twice and loved it.

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2. Mad Max (all movies)
If you like dystopia stuff or car races, these movies are awesome. There are three movies from the 80's w/ Mel Gibson and a recent one from 2015 (with Tom Hardy lol). They're actually really fun and beautiful cinematography and scenery. If you like artistic movies, you'll like these. And the female power in the most recent one is awesome w/ Charlize Theron.

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3. Spiderman: Homecoming
I am begging you to watch this movie. If you haven't, why?? Tom Holland and Zendaya are in it, and they are filming the second one, called "Far From Home" right now. I saw it three times lol

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4. Creed
This was a movie I didn't expect to like as much as i did, and i'm excited to see the second movie coming out pretty soon. Micheal B. Jordan is * obviously * amazing, and so is Tessa Thompson. The soundtrack is hype and the acting is great too.

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5. Top Gun
An old one but a good one. I'm not usually one to tout the classic movies that everyone says you have to watch, mainly bc I haven't seen a lot of them and don't really care. But this one is good. Young Tom Cruise is to die for and the story is just plain awesome.

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thanks for reading! i hope you found some movie that might interest you a little. I promise they're all good!

- peyton