October is here and fall with its chilly days are here too. So the fashion trends this fall are :

1-Plaid: So the plaid trend is still going strong this year, but now with a little twist; I mean the plaid this year is colorful (clueless style).

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2-Dominatrix vibe : Yes I know it's a thing! Everything like leather, vinyl,belts with chains,strong silhouettes with structured shoulders (80's vibes) are on trend and I kind of like it a lot , it expresses strength and power and that's why I like this idea.

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3-Animal prints: It's time to be fierce and bold and wear with confidence animal prints. The most common pattern is the leopard of course and there's also the python skin like pattern which is absolutely stunning. The zebra pattern is less seen but still is more original than the two others mentioned above.

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4-Scarves: During summer,scarves were worn tied in hair. Now, the scarf trend is put simply around the neck or as a pattern on clothes which designers such as Versace did brought it to life and it does bring a vintage vibe to the wardrobe.

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5-Florals: I think florals are always around but this year especially the florals are quite big, the type of florals are like a grandmother floral and I like it .( I can picture myself wearing that pattern and be called granny by my sister as always ).

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6- Logos everywhere: Logos aren't going anywhere, so we have to accept that fact and have fun with it and use the pieces that we already bought and wear them with pride and confidence, We've seen more expansive brands of course on the runways and on fashion bloggers but for the people who can't afford that luxury ( like the me) ! Well there's slogans, and they're fun too especially if they reflect any ideal or principle of yours.

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7- Modesty: We saw on the runways models wearing a lot of pieces which covered everything basically, I mean no skin was perceptible only the head was seen floating over the covered silhouettes, and it's kind of inspired from Kfashion. Also this trend involves layering and oversized clothes; especially oversized coats which are so cute during winter (I just love it) and layering is a good thing considering we want to warm ourselves up during the colder days (obviously!)

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8-Faux fur : Obviously, faux fur came to our wardrobes last year and is ready to follow us this year too. All faux furs are good to own ; printed, neutral colors or colorful ones. It's cozy, warm and absolutely FABULOUS.

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9-Warm tones:As the leaves get warmer tones so does our wardrobe .
I'm not the biggest fan of this trend but I must admit it's cute and cozy. So everyshade of brown, yellow, mustard, rusty colors are the thing every fashionista is wearing now.

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10- Neon: It's an intersting trend! I'm not fund of it to be totally honest, cause I think it doesn't suit everyone ( including me ) so yeah it's kind of a meh to me but hey if you like it and you can rock it then Great! good for you, you lucky one!

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11-Western: this trend is very present this year, it did started last year with few items and now it's everywhere. So everything inspired by the western era is welcomed in our closet like fringes, iconic pockets in the front of jackets, cow(boy/girl) boots and so on.

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Thanks for reading my article, I really appreciate it . Till the next one, I hope you're having a great day or night wherever you are.