-Hi guys, how are you? I hope you are very well. Today I bring you this Challenge that is about I have to write 30 days on a topic, it is not very popular but I hope you like it.


♥DAY 7♥

hello boy, my friend surely knows that if someone has to write is from you because our story is for a book
I never know how to talk about you but I'm going to try
you taught me that when you want something, you fight for it and you really want it you do not stop until you get it because you can really win it
that no matter who you are, you just have to be your best version of yourself
that best friends exist
a look says more than millions of words and baby you and your eyes have written a novel
that things hurt, you forget but you do not forgive
and as it is a letter, I will have to thank you for teaching me things that the school can’t

sometimes it's better to let things go, and if they're really made for you, they'll come back - Selena Gómez

After a few years, you came back. You forgot what I did to you but you did not tell me and you still never separated from me.
You were with me at all times after I failed, after many years without speaking, it seemed that this would never have happened because we continue to follow the same among us

and I'm happy for letting you go, because now you're back and that has made me see a lot

A Lot of love ♥️