Deadroses - Blackbear

【I’m not okay,
With the distance that’s been growin girl, I’m not okay,
I love you never show】

Die Trying - MICHL

【Are we wrong? Are we right?
We jump first and then decide
It's hard to explain it
Heavy hearts weigh us down】

Let Me Down Slowly - Alec Benjamin

【This night is cold in the kingdom
I can feel you fade away
From the kitchen to the bathroom sink and
Your steps keep me awake】

Habits of My Heart - Jaymes Young

【In a dark room, in cold sheets
I can't feel a damn thing
I lost myself between your legs
Your medicine is in my head】

My Boy - Billie Eilish

【My boy's being sus he was shady enough but now he's just a shadow
My boy loves his friends like I love my split ends and by that I mean
He cuts 'em off】

Crush - Tessa Violet

【I can't focus on what needs to get done
I'm on notice hoping that you don't run
You think I'm tepid but I'm misdiagnosed】

Bellyache - Billie Eilish

【Sittin' all alone
Mouth full of gum
In the driveway
My friends aren't far
In the back of my car
Lay their bodies】

Do Re Mi - Blackbear

【Yeah, if I could go back to the day we met
I probably would just stay in bed
You run your mouth all over town
And this one goes out to the sound】

Whalien 52 - BTS

【In the middle of the vast ocean
One whale speaks softly and lonelily
The fact that no matter how much they shout, it won’t reach
Makes them so gravely lonely that they quietly shut their mouths】

I´m a mess - Bebe Rexha

【Everything's been so messed up here lately
Pretty sure he don't wanna be my baby
Oh, he don't love me, he don't love me
He don't love me, he don't love me】

Blue Knees - Melanie Martinez

【Just 'cause I bought a band-aid
Doesn't mean I'm able to clean the scars that run deeper than all my old demons
I have keep 'em under still water】

Starring Role - Marina and the diamonds

【You're hard to hug, tough to talk to
And I never fall asleep, when you're in my bed
All you give me is a heartbeat
I've turned into a statue】

Cliché - Mxmtoon

【I walked into the room and I then I saw your face
And you looked me in the eye
I wanted to erase myself (erase myself)】

Lemon Boy - Cavetown

【There once was a bittersweet man and they called him, "Lemon Boy"
He was growing in my garden and I pulled him out by his hair like a weed】