I probably mentioned this before so last month I bought some pretty cute notebooks and now I´m wondering about how to use them. So I came to the idea of starting a diary. In this article I´ll try to show you few aspects why writing about your life can be fun and why it doesn´t have to be like the "Dear diary,..." kind of journal.

get your life together
one by one;
page by page

1) It´s all about the motivation.

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Don´t force yourself to write in your journal. Note down anything, at any time, simply when you feel like it. For me, it´s easier to understand my thoughts and feelings by writing them down. So whenever I feel confused I write about my problems and they kind of solve themselves (most of the time).
But never feel like you have to write down something. It´s your diary. I think there´s no sense in noting down every little detail of your life, like how often you brushed your teeth. Write about what makes you wonder, what makes you dream.

2) Forget the "Dear Diary" crap

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So maybe you address your thoughts to your diary. I don´t. Why would I talk to a notebook? I either simply write down my stuff - without any form of address - or I write a letter. Well, it´s kind of a letter ´cause I write to the person I am i.e. in a fight with. I would never send it, that´s not what it was written for. But writing about the situation helps me to sort out
the facts and overview the problem from a different perspective.

3) Development and self-care

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Not only your writing skills improve by keeping a diary, but so does your personality. You learn to be more honest to yourself and you kind of open up, admit your feelings. I know what it feels like to try to hide them from yourself, to run away from reality. But soon it´ll be too much and your problems will crash down on you all at once. So don´t let it come this far, get your life together one by one, page by page.

4) A lil different way of keeping memories

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I guess reading your diary again in 10 years is pretty different than looking through some pictures or videos. All the hurting, happiness and confusion between the lines will make you feel like in those past days. You will remember all the decions you had to make, all the hard times you went through. And with that you will understand how you reached this point in your life. How you choose this future, or maybe how you didn´t. But you will definitely be really glad about these memories that´ll stay with you forever.

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