Hi guys! This article is a bit different from the ones I usually write so if your new you can check my other articles which are a more accurate representation of who I am both as a writer and as a person.

For those of you who are regulars and know my articles and my name in general, the title of this one might have struck you. 'What's going on now?' you may ask yourself. So here goes my rant. About myself. So original.

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My life has changed drastically in the past two years; I've done things that I though I never would and I'm somewhere I was convinced I could only dream of. These past days I've just realized that the only limit to my dreams is myself. I am my own limitations, so I've decided to take my life back (from myself) and start over in the best way possible.

I am sick and tired of feeling guilty for trying to look pretty, for trying to blend into the crowd. I want to be that girl with the perfect life; the perfect boyfriend/girlfiend, the perfect studies, the perfect job... the perfect everything. And guess what? I've decided I'm going to become my own version of perfection.

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My entire life I've been fueled by the wrong things: hatred, jealousy, spite... but now that all the negative and toxic people are out of my lives I feel empty. My goal always has been to get revenge on the people who hurt me, to be able to look back at them and go 'look what you missed' and I've always been told that I can't be driven by spite. But what if I want to?

I am literally living out of spite.

And I love it.

They told me I wouldn't make it into the scientific section? Bithc I got in with better grades than yours.

They told me I wouldn't be able to get into medical school? Guess who got accepted into every single one of the medical schools she applied.

They told me to tame my hair because it's afro and ugly? Guess who rocked that afro for the reminder of the year.

They told me I would drop out of medschool before the end of the year? As if.

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So yes, my goal will always be to be better than those who hurt me. Because they hurt me and my family and shredded my childhood. So if I find happiness in being everything they told me I couldn't be, than that's enough for me. Because being happy out of spite is better than not being happy at all.
- Dahiandra