❝What are your three pet peeves ?❞


  • 1. When people who I love smoke.

When I find my friends in coffees and when I see the filled ashtray I get excited and they tell me " are right to you, but I cannot stop any more ".Life is rather short to abbreviate him with this shit which costs an arm and a leg.

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  • 2. When we take time to answer messages.

I quickly answer messages. When one take time to answer messages or calls that really irritate me, when it is my crush which makes that I put longer that he to answer (in theory because really I answer in the minute).

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  • 3. People who get involved in everything.

What that can make you that somebody in 10000 kilometers is in love with a someone of the same sex? Why you want to prevent a couple from adopting a child who will be happier in an affectionate family ? Why you do not want that a woman has a miscarriage or exchange of sex ? I think that the problem is not the person who decides to take in hand and to see to it to be happy but rather people who oppose the personal decisions. The world goes badly and it is because of all this shit which thinks of having the right to oppose the happiness of others.

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