So this is something that I have seen a lot of so, I wanted to give it a try.

Name: Melanie Rose Johnson
Stage Name: Melanie Jay
Age: 21
Birthday: October 4, 1997
Currently Lives In: Orlando, Florida
Was Born In: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Famous For:

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She got famous by being a guitar player in a popular band, but decided when she was 19 to break out and make her own music.


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She has green eyes, long black hair, and a fit body

Everyday Style:

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She mainly wears black and is in to comfy clothes

Special Event Style:

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For awards shows and other special evens she loves wearing color and loves being extra


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goofy, wild, loves an adventure, and friendly


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her hobbies are writing music and poetry, skateboarding, painting, and listening to old rock records on her record player


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Jessie Reyez, Lauren Jauregui, Diana Korkunova, Bridget Satterlee, 5SOS, Liam Payne

Boyfriend: Kian Lawley

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