because I love you all as much as you are. don't forget that you are a beautiful person with your qualities and defects, that's what makes you unique ❤️

Stretch marks

just a daily reminder that stretch marks are NORMAL, a thin girl can have stretch marks like a girl with more shapes cannot have that.

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stretch marks are natural tattoos, are not they?

cellulite is also NORMAL, it's not because you don't do sports that you will have more cellulite than others. Nienke Kampman shows it on her instagram (I'll give you the link below), she does sport but she has cellulite, I like her because she is not like all postbad who always shows the good side, she shows ALL sides.

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Gap teeth

gap teeth are really beautiful, I know a person who had gap teeth, she had to put braces so her teeth were tightened and she was disgusted to no longer have gap teeth.

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i find this sexy

freckles are soooo beautiful, I think it's a really advantage, it give you a cute or shy side. I'll give you the Instagram of the first and fourth girl if you need an example who accept herself.

the second girl:
the fourth girl:

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People with curves

for me everyone is beautiful in his/her own way :)) so be yourself!

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(Very) thin people

as I said above, everyone is beautiful in his/her own way but if you are anorexic please ask for help.

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Curly hair

curly hair is so pretty. I would like so much to have this hair.

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Bald girls

don't be afraid to be bald for any reason, you are as pretty as any girl ❤️

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Vairon eyes

I think it's so lucky to have vairon eyes, I'd like so much to have this.

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I would like to do a FAQ so ask me questions so that I can do it. this article is finished, I hope you liked it! it was a little bit long but anyway!

XoXo, Arìes ♡