What’s up ghosties! Welcome back to another spooky szn article. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I was practically raised on horror movies, so I decided that this article would an insanely fun idea. So, let’s get started. 👻

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👻 Favorite Horror Movie 👻

Carrie, Drag Me To Hell, The Nun, and Happy Death Day!

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👻 Favorite Horror Series 👻

Saw and The Conjuring!

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👻 Favorite Indie Horror Movie 👻

Hmmm...probably uhm The Blair Witch Project

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👻 Favorite Horror Movie Soundtrack 👻

Any of the Counjuring Soundtracks

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👻 Favorite Horror Movie Villain 👻

Valek and Carrie (if she’s considered a villain)

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👻 Favorite Horror Movie Antagonist 👻

Tree (Happy Death Day)

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👻 Favorite Horror Plot Twist 👻

Esther’s secret in Orphan

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👻 Favorite Kind Of Horror Movie 👻

Possession and sometimes slasher

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👻 What Kind Of Horror Movie Would It Be 👻

A possession movie, no doubt. To me, those are the freakiest.

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👻 Where Would The Movie Take Place 👻

Like, a church or a lake camp maybe

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👻 What Would My Character’s Personality Be Like 👻

Kind of carefree and tough but soft and fancy at the same time

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👻 What Time Of Day 👻

Day, most horror movies take place at night so.

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👻 Whats The Weather Like 👻

Foggy and a little rainy

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👻 How Would The Soundtrack Be 👻

Classical, but slowed down or something to make it sound creepier or opera

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👻 How Would My Character Dress 👻

Because it would take place at a church or camp, kind of casual and comfy.

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👻 What Would My Hair Color Be 👻


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👻 What Would My Eye Color Be

Green normally, but when possessed, red most likely

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👻 Would My Character Survive 👻

Yes, but I’d either a) end up with terrible nightmares, b) end up in an insane asylum, or c) both

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👻 If Yes, How Did I Survive 👻

Some big fat exorcism!

gothic, castle, and church image Devil, church, and sky image angel, church, and deity image church, dark, and Halloween image

👻 If No, How Did I Die 👻

I guess, technically a part of me would die?

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👻 Would There Be A Plot Twist 👻

I want to say yes

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👻 If Yes, What Would Be The Twist 👻

I’m not sure...but I want one

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Get spooky ~