Just a few things to expect when you move to/visit Canada;)

~Everyone is always walking their pet moose's around town, and on occasion, their pet polar bears. Moose's are seen more often because polar bears cost a lot more, having a polar bear is a sign of being wealthy.

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~We're all on a strict diet of maple syrup, poutine, ketchup chips, Tim Horton's and bagged milk.

~It's always under -30, always freezing conditions, no matter the place in Canada, no matter the season.

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~It is essential to hold the door open for everyone you see, even if they are twenty feet away from you. If you don't there will be a vicious game of monopoly and whoever loses must buy the winner the most expensive drink on the Tim Horton's menu.

~Every sentence must be ended with an 'eh', it's an official rule, if you don't do this it's not a sentence.

~You must ALWAYS say sorry, whether it's your fault or not doesn't matter, you still must apologize.

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~The only channel we watch is the sports channel, the only sport that's on is hockey, every once and awhile we'll get a special episode of ice sculpting.

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~The only artists that play on our radios are Canadian artists, Canadian pride, am I right?

~We all live in well built igloos, the only thing that keeps us warm is our large, illegal pets:)

~Every Canadian is acquainted with every other Canadian, it's impossible not to know each other when you live in the second biggest country in the world.

If you couldn't already tell this is heavily sarcastic, so take all of these with a grain of salt. If you have any serious questions about Canada you can message me though, Canadian born and raised.

Also if you do something like this, be sure to message me so I can see it!