☆ I am so fond of poetry books ; so I thought to make a review about it. Also I just finished reading it and I find it truly so inspiring. It has a collection of poetry written by ❛Noor Unnahar❜; a Pakistani author. It explores a variety of themes including art, people, home, courage, self-love, strength, culture, acceptance and survival.


☆ The actual layout of the book was stunning. There were the beautiful poems paired with incredible black and white photographs. This made the book feel more personal and almost like a journal.

book, flowers, and journal image

☆ The poems themselves resulted in me feeling speechless and in complete awe. I could read this book over and over again simply due to its beauty and how emotional these poems are. I love how the writing is simplistic yet effective. I felt like I could connect with the words instead of feeling overwhelmed by heavy descriptions. I truly adore the author how she was able to express her life in a few simple words. As a reader; I was able to connect and relate to the poems. She was honest and showed no shame in showing who she was.

quotes image beautiful, book, and poem image

I would recommend this book to everyone. It is a beautiful book which deserves more recognition.