If you've read my "Get To Know Me" article back in February,you'd know that I'm college student.
P.S.If you've not,then feel free to check it out-I'll link it down below
(shameless plug lol!!😂😂😂)
Thereupon,I've come about to list down a list of things I can't survive with as a college student.

I honestly think this is not a "college" thing only.Every student in general need caffeine since overloads of assignments and home works happens every now and then.
On a side note,my go to has always been vanilla latte,what about you?

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This is definitely an integral part of my college life.Moving out and living alone is not always rainbows and unicorns.There are some days where you feel lonely.For days as such,I'd always plug in my earphones and dwell on podcasts or catchy lyrics.

I've been recently jamming to Burn Out ft. Dewain Whitmore-it's honestly so captivating.As for podcasts,I'm obsessed with "The No Sleep Podcast" which is basically a horror/thriller podcast.

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3.TV Series
Some days when you want to unwind yourself from all the college stress,it's always a good idea to binge watch movies or TV series.There's an ocean of genres available,so it's up to you on what you feel like watching.
Here are some of my recommendations:

1.To All The Boys I've Loved Before

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2.13 Reasons Why

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3.The Greatest Showman

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.....and the list would go on forever if I were to type them all down🙄😂

4. Stationary
I believe this is some what self-explanatory because notebooks,glitter pens,markers etc. are really important when it comes to effective studying-at least for me.

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5. Junk food
I cannot count the number of days where I've felt hungry during the middle of the night.Even as I'm typing this out, I'm munching on bruschettes😂😂😂.Hence,I always make sure that I stock up on mini-bites to ensure that I don't starve to death.

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With that said,I'd like to end my article here.Thank you for taking your time to read my article,it means a lot to me💘
Also,leave me a message and let me know if you enjoyed the article.I'd most definitely love to hear from you guys.Have a beautiful day ahead :)


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