1. My family

Family is important, and that's fact. You can have so many friends in your life and they'll come and go, but family is often ride or die until the end of time. There's no other love stronger than a family's love, and there's no one more loyal than someone in your family...as they're the ones who will most often drop everything and go if you're in desperate need of help.

2. Life in America

Aside from politics and economics and all the controversy, I'm blessed to be in America. I was adopted from China at eight months old, and if I wasn't here in America, I'd be working in a third-world part of China in an orphanage as a servant or someone who's suffering more than anything. My family adopted me, loved me, and continues to love me. In America, I have so many opportunities that I wouldn't be able to have there. I'm blessed and proud to be an American Citizen who can stand up for what I believe in.

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3. My Home

I'm glad to have a home. I don't like my hometown, but my house is a safe zone, and a place where I feel like I'm protected. There's no place like home, and there's no place where I can express myself more freely and have the advantage of being able to do what I'd like (as long as I'm responsible, of course). I love my home, I really do.

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4. My Friends

I love most of my friends. They've helped me through thick and thin, and I'm blessed to have them in my life. Some of them I've had to leave behind, and some of them I've recently met and become very close with. I'm happy with the people I surround myself with, and I couldn't ask for anymore. They bring out the best in me in ways that no other people can, and for that I'm truly greatful for them.

5. Nature

I would say I'm blessed to have a life, but that sounds really cheesy. So I'm going to say that I'm blessed for nature, and the life within it. Nature and spirituality have a close correlation in my life. It's very symbolic, and relatable in a sense that's completely unexplainable. I'm very fortunate to live in an area where the redwoods are high and the sea is cool and full of life. I love being near the tidepools and the intertidal zones that are so beautiful and smell of salt. I enjoy the hills and the plains within them and most importantly, I love the animals who wander the forest (even though some of them are dangerous). Everything is just beautiful in nature.

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