so you can't order LUSH products or there's no LUSH store near you but you would love to reduce the use of plastic by switching to shampoo bars

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because we all know if we don't start making changes Disney's WALLE movie will come true

Good news shampoo bars are in stores near you like Marshalls or even grocery stores like Hyvee for those who live in the Midwest.
I'll stick to Marshalls/TJ Maxx because they're across the states. In their beauty aisle you can find fantastic smelling soaps.

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My personal favorite auromere, which contains NO sulfate, frangrance or artificial colors. perfect for curly haired beauties but it's for all types of hair. With all the damage we do (including enjoying the sun which we need but alas UV damage ) washing our hair with natural ingredients is important. It's sale price 4.99 which compared to LUSH 11.95 it's half the price.

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LUSH is getting lots of hype with its huge variety of handmade products and seasonal scents. I'm a fan too.They're out there letting people know the issue with plastic and advise their customers to reuse their containers. But the fact remains that most of their products contain sulfate and it's pricey (pricey because of the ingredients and they claim to pay their workers a competitive pay so for good reasons)

Since the whole point is to minimize plastic I made this article in hope to let people know, who don't have access to LUSH, that there's no real need to order online. When the stores people already go to have shampoo bars that can be purchased and put into a tote bag with zero or hardly any plastic involved.

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