Education - that thing that gives you some kind of title. Also that thing with what you are basically gonna earn money to live. With exceptions, of course.
How it has worked for me so far? Well I have an education in music as I was studying it for 8 years with specialization in the piano. For 3 more years after that I played the acoustic guitar. So I can be called a musician partly. Cool, right?

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My pain and my love

I have graduated from a regular high school with a thought of becoming a chemist. I thought that it was it. That it was me and I will change the world with work in science. I went to the other school where you can learn Chemistry and chose the studies of Chemical Technology. After the 2nd year you have to choose one of 6 specializations and then you graduate with a bachelors degree and a degree in engineering. That sounded amazing to me too.

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Soo... The first year in the university was going and I realized that chemistry - that is not really for me. How I concluded that? Well I was having thoughts and doubts and had already started to think whether this was really for me. With all these doubts I ended up in an astrologist`s office and well... Chemistry was not really meant for me. For me - it is something where I work with people, help them. My own thoughts about what I want to do were confirmed. Hallelujah, I was doing something right in my life!

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But that is where it all crashed... I did not take an exam in biology in high school... And I missed the deadline to apply for it... So then I had to figure out what to do while I get ready for an exam next spring because I knew I will only suffer more in chemistry studies knowing I have a different goals in life. And I found studies that are only for a year with a high school education. That is how I ended up studying to become a makeup artist!

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I have loved makeup for years actually and at the beginning I even wanted to become a makeup artist. So now here I am - fulfilling a wish from like five years ago! So do not say your wishes do not go into the universe and at some point backfires!

With this article I wanted to say that it is okay to not find your right career on the first try. It is a hard and responsible choice and with the huge opportunities and varieties nowadays it is really hard.
It is okay to make mistakes. It is okay to take longer to get a degree than your friends. You have your own life and you make your own choices. What other people are saying - do not take that as the way you have to live. You are special! You are unique! You are one of a kind and your life - that is something only you can control!

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Just as I am fighting for my happiness, for my place under the Sun, I encourage you to do the same. It will not be easy all of the time, but it is worth it. I promise.

Love, Undi