hi there! school started a while ago, and i'm sure that a lot of you (including myself) already have acumulated schoolwork, so here are some tips that worked for me and that might work for you.

1. like the space where you study

i feel that this one is crucial for me, because if i don't like or i don't feel confortable in the space where i'm studying i can't concentrate and don't have motivation to work. decorate your space, move your desk (i personally like to have my desk in front of a window), light up some candles, make it cozy and likeable so you have more motivation to study.

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2. get comfortable
wear some confortable clothes, that might be a onesie, pijamas or just a sweater and leggins.

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3. take breaks
for me i like to have long periods of studying, so breaks are essential to clear my mind so i don't get tired. i take a small breaks every 30/40 minutes to go on my phone, and since i like to study in the afternoon i also take a longer break to eat something and watch an episode of a tv show or a youtube video.

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4. listen to something
if you like to listen to music i recommend lofi hip hop (you can find 24h livestreams on youtube and playlists on spotify) or the sound of rain (rainymood.com). classic musical is also very good.

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5. study everyday
okay this might sound obvious but try to study everyday and get work done so you don't have piles of stuff to do. also it's way better to memorize things as you learn them rather then acumulate them and trying to memorize everything before a test.

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6. don't overwork yourself
when you are starting to feel exausted stop. studying in that state isn't productive and will probably affect the work that you did before. also try not to do allnighters, sleep is essential

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