Hey Babes!

I'm back and attempting to write an article yet again! I recently came across the 30 Day Writing Challenge, it looked utterly intriguing... So here I am, about to start this challenge.

Day 1; The meaning of your name

My name is Kaitlin but, everyone calls me Abby. I go by my middle name which is Abigale. Quite frankly my name causes me a lot of trouble because I don't go by my first name. Here's a little backstory:

My parents picked out the name Kaitlin and they loved it, then while my mom was pregnant she heard the name Abby and fell in love with it. So they wanted to also call me Abby which led to Abigale. The name Kaitlin Abigale has a better flow to it than Abigale Kaitlin, so my parents went with naming me Kaitlin Abigale. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my name. But it causes lots of problems with school and anytime I go to the hospital or anywhere that requires my first name. Constant explanation. Now for the meaning of my name...

aesthetic, beauty, and pure image
Kaitlin means Pure.
quotes, leadership, and positive image yellow, girl, and wallpaper image
"People with this name have a deep inner desire to use their abilities in leadership, and to have personal independence. They would rather focus on large, important issues, and delegate the details."
joy and quotes image
Abby or Abigale is a Hebrew name that means Joy.
be yourself, feelings, and inspiration image girl, mountains, and nature image
"People with this name are excited by change, adventure, and excitement. They are dynamic, visionary and versatile, able to make constructive use of freedom. They fight being restricted by rules and conventions. They tend to be optimistic, energetic, intelligent, and to make friends easily. They may be changeable, restless, untidy, and rebellious."

Okay, you've reached the end of the article and now you know the meanings behind my name(s)! Hope you all enjoyed and thanks for reading!


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