Hello everyone ! Want to get to know me a little better ?

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  • Age

I'm eighteen.

  • Best feature

I really love my green eyes.

  • Color

I love deep red, and darker colors in general.

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  • Deepest regret

Not having had the strength to let go of someone sooner. Not having enjoyed someone's present while I still could.

  • Everyday starts with...

A good breakfast.

  • Favorite show

Lost, Teen Wolf, The Man In The High Castle, and thousands more.

  • Greatest accomplishments

Being the person that I am today: brave, strong, and not afraid to speak up.

  • Height

1m68, no idea what that represents in ft.

  • In love with...

Books, video games, nature, just so many little everyday things make me fall in love with life !

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  • Job of my dream

Doctor or actress.

  • Kids I want

I want two children of my own and one that I'll adopt.

  • Last thing I ate


  • Magical power

Probably control people's mind. You can get everything with that.

  • Number of siblings

I have one older brother.

  • One favorite song

SYML, "Where's my love".

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  • Person I last texted

My best friend.

  • Question I am always asked

"You look tired, are okay ?" Yup, just my natural resting face.

  • Reasons to smile

Everything and everyone I'm surrounded with at the moment.

  • Sexuality

Bisexual and proud.

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  • Time I wake up

For school : 6:30, not school: 10:30.

*Underwear color

They're currently black and white.

  • Vacation place

I just wanna go to Canada, please someone take me there.

  • Worst habit

Being too sensitive and trusting people too quickly.

  • Xrays you've had

Knee, hand, teeth, ankle (many many times), aaand I think that's all.

  • Your favorite drink

Green vodka (don't tell my mom) or hot chocolate.

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  • Zodiac sign


Thanks for reading ! Hope you have an amazing day !