Witch, 17 y/o


- Short, brown hair
- Green eyes (spectacled)
- Low and thin

Internal properties

- Shy
- Modest
- Friendly
- Impatient
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She usually wears black and comfortable clothes


Miss Robichaux's Academy
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She really likes to help Cordelia Foxx in the garden. Care for the plants and make potions.


- Vitalum Vitalis
- Transmutation
- Telekinesis
- Divination
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- Pyrokinesis
- Descensum
- Concilium
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+ Information

- Friend: Zoe Benson
- Animal: Cat (grey)
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The American Horror Story is my favorite series and Coven is my favorite season.
I love witches, spells, crystals, and black.
I hope ahs fans like my character.
Wonderful day/night witch sisters!