Well hello there,

There is this boy that i like.
We met a few months ago in Portugal, we had this vacation romance going on.
Even though we both saw us as a summerfling.
It is still going on.
We both live in the Netherlands but he lives an hour away from me.
It is a good thing because we won't get easily bored of each other, because we don't see each other that often. We are very different people but it works in a weird way. We both have a lot going on with our studies, sports and work. Overall you could say we are always busy so it's nice it's lowkey at this point in our lifes, but at the end we don't want to waste or time while we are truthfulley looking for real love.

Ps. I want to update this story about me and this boy every two weeks or so.

Ps. It is a sort journal for me.