Hi everyone!
I love music, and that's my abc playlist with the songs I really love!

A. Alarm (Anne Marie)

am, anne, and marie image alarm, Lyrics, and music image

B. Bad Liar (Selena Gomez)

actor, effect, and selena gomez image quote image

C.Curios (Hayley Kiyoko)

hayley kiyoko image beautiful, curious, and lesbian image

D. Dear future husband (Meghan Trainor)

Image by ✞ NOELIA Temporarily removed

E. Electricity (Dua Lipa)

80, 90, and aesthetic image electricity, gif, and Lyrics image

F. Friends (Anne Marie)

alarm, then, and warner image Lyrics, marshmello, and anne marie image

G. Girls like you (Maroon 5)

adam, band, and Hot image adam, handsome, and Lyrics image

H. Hold on (Chord Overstreet)

Temporarily removed hold on, chord overstreet, and chordoverstreet image

I. I kissed a girl (Katy Perry)

beautiful, fashion, and katy perry image art, bands, and clean image

J. Just the way you are (Bruno Mars)

amazing, bruno, and guitar image lyric, quotes, and bruno mars image

K. Keep holding on (Avril Lavigne--> Glee)

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L. Lost Boy (Ruth B.)

Image removed lyric, Lyrics, and music image

M. Million Reasons (Lady Gaga)

Temporarily removed jana, Lyrics, and random image

N. New Love (Dua Lipa)

dua lipa, flower, and pink image aesthetic, art, and black&white image

O: One Kiss (Dua Lipa, Calvin Harris)

Image removed falling, in love, and kiss image

P. Perfect (Ed Sheeran)

ed sheeran, blue, and ed image ed sheeran, perfect, and Lyrics image

Q. ---

R. Run the world (Girls) (Beyoncé)

beyonce knowles, jay, and jay-z image girl, quotes, and beyoncé image

S. Somewhere only we know (Keane-->Lily Allen)

album, disney, and lily allen image keane, Lyrics, and music image

T. Thinking about you (Dua Lipa)

tumblr, fondos, and fondos de pantalla image lipa, thinking about you, and dua lipa image

U. Used to love you (Anne Marie)

Image removed quotes, tumblr, and tumblrquotes image

W. Whatever it takes (Imagine Dragons)

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Y. You belong with me (Taylor Swift)

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Z. ---

Hope you'll enjoy it!
These are some of my favourite songs.

Love, Alex.