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❇ 20. ❇

Best feature.

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❇ eyes? i guess. i never liked any feature of mine in particular but some people have told me i have beautiful eyes. even though they are almost black and my eyelashes are not long i guess they are big and i like that. ❇


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❇ i have always liked red and black, but recently i have also been interested in purple. ❇


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❇ i wish i were stronger and confident enough to achieve what i want. ❇

Everyday starts with...

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❇ a cup of tea and good music ❇


flowers, sunflower, and wallpaper image 90s, alternative, and flower image
❇ sunflower. i don't know much about flowers tbh. ❇

Greatest accomplishment.

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❇ getting into university and do well in the three years that have already passed i guess. i feel like i was kinda lucky to get here and find something i truly love doing. ❇

Hogwarts house.

ravenclaw, hogwarts, and harry potter image ravenclaw, harry potter, and wand image
❇ ravenclaw yay ❇

In love with...

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❇ the idea of loving and being loved...
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...and also Korea. ❇


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❇ translator. i love languages and writing even though i have nothing to write about so, i think i would really enjoy that. ❇


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❇ well i have never specially liked the idea of having kids but i think that's because i never saw myself capable of finding someone to love enough to have a kid (and also because it must hurt like hell). but if the moment comes, why not? i think it must be something beautiful. ❇

Least favorite quality.

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❇ physically? my nose, mouth and forehead. but if i had to say more abstract things i'd probably say my perfectionism for everything. ❇


princess mononoke and ashitaka image anime, princess mononoke, and wolf girl image
❇ princess mononoke. the movie of my f*king life. i have watched it so many times that i can't even count them.*


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❇ spanish. ❇

One of my favorite songs.

hyukoh image boys, korean, and yg image
❇ mer - hyukoh. i love this band so it is really difficult to choose only one song but i chose this one because it's really beautiful and i could hear it all the time. ❇


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❇ cats. i love them (if you didn't notice). ❇

Questions i ask.

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❇ what? are you sure? ❇

Reasons to smile.

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❇ life. i know it's hard most of the time but, when you stop and take a moment to admire and think about all the small and good things that surround us, you will start to truly enjoy it. the sun, nature, the feeling of your feet in the sand, dogs, a good coffee or tea in winter, your bed... ❇


couple, love, and aesthetic image Image by IsthatQeti Gnn
❇ straight. ❇

TV show.

misfits, whore, and nathan image misfits image
❇ i'm not really into TV shows at the moment but i remember watching this one a long time ago and i really liked it: misfits. ❇

Underwater animal.

beach, sea, and starfish image wallpaper, ocean, and sea image
❇ starfish. i'm scared of fish. ❇


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❇ Korea. ❇

Worst habit.

art and drawing image Image by juvia
❇ overthinking counts? ❇

X rays

f, rock, and bone image heels, shoes, and bones image
❇ wtf am i supposed to put in here? lol i've never gotten one of these done ❇

Your favorite drink.

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❇ tea or lemonade ❇

Zodiac sign.

virgo, flowers, and zodiac image scream queens, emma roberts, and quotes image
❇ virgo. ❇