If I were...

A color

book, love, and red image rose, flowers, and red image

A flower

Image removed flowers, rose, and red image
Red roses

A fruit

fruit, food, and strawberry image fruit, food, and mango image

A food

sushi, food, and fish image delicious, food, and inspiration image

A drink

Inspiring Image on We Heart It coffee, drink, and food image
Iced Coffee

A movie

midnight sun image midnight sun and bella thorne image
Midnight Sun

A Tv show // Serie

kdrama, while you were sleeping, and lee jong suk image kdrama, while you were sleeping, and lee jong suk image
While you were sleeping

A book

Temporarily removed book, books, and poem image
Bridgett Devoue - Soft thorns

A song

her, bts, and love yourself image header, bts, and twitter image
BTS - Best Of Me

A place

city, place, and pretty image Temporarily removed
South Korea

A view

couple, night, and city image aesthetic, city, and glow image
Night city lights

A feeling

body, quotes, and empowerment image rainbow, wallpaper, and lgbt image

An object

aesthetic, white, and korea image rainbow, music, and white image

A car

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Range Rover Evoque

A season

flowers, rose, and aesthetic image flowers, tulips, and rose image

An element

travel, beach, and summer image summer, beach, and sea image

An animal

Image removed animal, tiger, and tumblr image

An action

Image removed girl, korean, and ulzzang image

A mythological creature

white, hands, and aesthetic image quotes, teen wolf, and lydia martin image

A body part

Image removed makeup, beauty, and eyes image
Collarbones // Eyes

An acessory

aesthetic, earrings, and lips image earrings, baby, and accessories image
Hoop earrings