Hey darlings, Sofie here!♡
I always post articles about fashion, school, self-care, etc.., so today I wanted to share some of my aesthetics, so here is my; _People as cities_-aesthetics!
Without further ado, let's get started;


fashion, girl, and smile image flowers, pink, and aesthetic image book, vintage, and letters image Temporarily removed
Soft smiles, blooming flowers, lots of sunlight, cursive letters, piercing eyes.

New York

80s, film, and fuck you image boy, aesthetic, and sad image equality, feminism, and women image Abusive image
Zero fucks given, no sleep, a bit sad inside, equal rights activist, coffee, high waisted jeans.


oxford and england image autumn, candle, and fall image makeup, beauty, and mascara image coffee, milk, and tea image
New ideas, old architecture, flickering candles, big eyes, dancing alone in your room, hot tea.


autumn, fall, and socks image Image removed fashion, chanel, and style image book, coffee, and autumn image
Comfy socks, french bakeries, lover of books, cute jackets, hot chocolate.


art, drawing, and eyes image Image removed alternative, bold, and chic image Image removed
Pen sketches, bright colors, bold fashion, striving for greatness, cute glasses.


art, fashion, and style image quotes, heart, and kind image sky, sunset, and sea image iphone, money, and tumblr image
Loves museums, kind words, tangled earbuds, a bit in love, bright eyes, likes history, open windows.
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