Color: blue

girl, sea, and water image rain, grunge, and alternative image winter, snow, and photography image girl, blue, and grunge image
Trust, loyalty, intelligence, truth and sensitivity

Mythical creature: mermaid

shell, beach, and summer image mermaid, art, and painting image mermaid, fantasy, and water image photography and seashell image
Secretive, romantic, independent

Weather: windy

Temporarily removed breeze, landscape, and waves image white, curtains, and wind image girl, beach, and sea image
Free, untouchable, regenerating

Flower: lavender

flowers, girl, and shadow image aesthetic, flower, and lavender image candle, flower, and lavender image clouds, fields, and heaven image
Silence, caution, serenity, calmness

Season: spring

Image by ⚜️Luna en el Cielo ⚜️ food, aesthetic, and picnic image aesthetic image fashion, style, and aesthetic image
Brightness, volubility, rebirth

Animal: cat

Temporarily removed Mature image cat, aesthetic, and room image Temporarily removed
Moody, sleepy, egocentric

Painter: Monet

art, monet, and waterlilies image art, claude monet, and painting image art, monet, and claude monet image Temporarily removed
Impressionism, lights and shadows, soft colors

Movie: Annihilation

aging, bed, and couple image aesthetic, gif, and movie image gif, movie, and nature image quotes, jennifer jason leigh, and annihilation image

Goddess: Artemis

moon, night, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed aesthetic, colin farrell, and Elle Fanning image deer, animal, and water image
Wilderness, animals, moon, virginity

State of mind: dreaming

girl, light, and night image girl, beach, and photography image aesthetic, dreamcatcher, and dreaming image Dream, quotes, and alternative image
When your true self and desires show up

Planet: Earth

flowers, nature, and colors image adventure, earth, and goal image flowers, nature, and sky image ocean, coral, and sea image
Place of life and beauty

Element: water

flowers, aesthetic, and water image eye, eyes, and water image fairy, wings, and beautiful image beach, ocean, and sea image
Sensitive, caring, emotional, psychic, artistic

Object: book

beach, beautiful, and beauty image book, vintage, and library image coffee, book, and cappuccino image art, painting, and reading image
Full of moments, worlds and different people

Gemstone: opal

Image removed Image removed Image removed butterfly, aesthetic, and grunge image
Brings good dreams, increases creativity, acts as a prism within the aura