and all I remember are your eyes
always shining under that smile
and I feel guilty for not remembering much of your voice
and just have smudges in my memories about you

but I can say, that really hurt me
It was many years ago and I was very young
but I can never forget how good I felt
be by your side and play in the pool

so piece by piece, my mom broke
Daddy cried and hugged me while trembling
it was painful to see them scream, asked God
Why did you take it, sir?
He was so good, nobody could say otherwise
He was our light, he was my brother
it does not matter that you were not my blood
you were my best friend
so piece by piece I'm sticking
hurt to lose you, and not see you again
I do not know why there are pictures of us
I guess that was better
but now I'm crying, writing this song

I remember when the doors almost closed, the lift
you were talking to the apartment bellman
of your best friend
he also misses you, leoni also does it

he felt guilty, he should take care of you
because you were drunk, but you escaped to continue at the party
and then step, they lost control
and all for a phone game, you did not fasten your seatbelt.

and these could be us, but you leave... me