Hi fellow hearters<3 This seemed so much fun(as a Disney-junkie like myself), so I had to try it out, hope you like it:)

favorite movies:

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Lion King, Pocahontas

favorite characters:

pirates of the caribbean image

Captain Jack Sparrow

favorite princesses:

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Merida, Belle

favorite sidekicks:

disney, hakuna matata, and lion king image aladdin, art, and disney image

Timon&Pumbaa , Genie

aurora, cartoon, and disney image aladdin, art, and disney image
favorite princes:

Prince Philip, Aladdin

favorite non-princess heroines:

disney, funny, and gif image

-favorite pixar movies:_

disney, inside out, and pixar image wallpaper, toy story, and clouds image

Inside Out & Toy Story

favorite songs:

animation, boy, and disney image
"Two Worlds"
disney, lion king, and simba image Temporarily removed baby, disney, and dumbo image
saddest moments: death of Mufasa, Dumbo w mum
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favorite villains: Captain Hook , Queen of hearts

favorite kiss:

disney, gif, and jasmine image Temporarily removed
Aladdin&Jasmine , Bambi & Faline

best soundtrack:
Lion King , POTC

Have a great day xo !