hello :))

weird enough i made it through another day and am able to post. i'm actually proud of myself. i'm not going to make this introduction any longer, so here we go:

Day 2: "Make a list of five things that make you happy"

1. Reading

books, prince, and princess image book, fight, and peaceful image books, bookstore, and home image


eiffel, eiffeltower, and france image artsy, cloudy, and italy image bridge, cloudy, and eiffeltower image

3. Sunsets

beautiful, pink, and sundown image cars, clouds, and driving image autumn, fall, and pure image

4. Coffee shops

b&w, blackandwhite, and coffee image home, starbucks, and summer image coffee, cold, and spring image

5. Studying

homework, maths, and pen image books, french, and homework image homework, notes, and physics image

P.S.1: i just wanted to say that I took all the pictures, Some of them are really good, some aren't and I know that.
P.S. 2: i don't when this will upload, maybe sooner then expected or planned, maybe later.