I have to choose between some aesthetic things. So what i choose are...

  • Time Travel or Space Travel
brad pitt, leonardo dicaprio, and johnny depp image
Space Travel
  • Roses or Wildflowers
Temporarily removed flower, pink, and wallpaper image
Roses (black)
  • Rainy days or Stormy nights
rain, autumn, and city image lightning, sky, and nature image
Rainy days (reading, painting, watching movies, my perfect day)
  • Swimming in the sea or Gaze the stars
Temporarily removed stars, wallpaper, and sky image
I can't choose between those too, so both
  • Dragons or Mermaids
dragones image girl, mermaid, and crown image
  • Moonlight or Candlelight
moon, wallpaper, and stars image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
  • Dogs or cats
dog, cute, and puppy image aesthetic, alternative, and cats image
  • Freckles or Dimples
girl, freckles, and summer image Image removed

So those are my more common aesthetic things.
Elora <3 <3