I am such a big hp fan so i thought i would give this a try :)

the basics;

name: Lex Kettleburn
age: 16


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Ocean blue eyes, freckles and long, curly, ginger hair. She is quite short for her age.

blood status;


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a proud ravenclaw

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Lex is renowned for being witty and having sarcastic comebacks so many people avoid arguments as to not be humiliated. She is quite short-tempered, she can have a laugh an be quite silly at times but is also mature. She loves to play pranks on people and is very confident.

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Lex has a twin sister named Margo. Margo likes to stick to herself and her close group of friends. She sometimes wonders why she was put in slytherin.

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When Lex isn't in the hogwarts uniform, she likes to wear blouses and jeans she customises herself when she is bored.


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When Lex has free time or is back home, she loves to doodle, read books and play quidditch with her sister.


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Lex is in the same year as Fred and George and they are her best friends. They love to get into mischief together and Lex's smarts allow them to work together to make the best pranks. Lex is also close with the golden trio.

favourite classes;

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Lex is fascinated by the types potions that can be made, she also loves animals so the care of magical creatures is something she looks forward to every day.

favourite professors;

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Lex's favourite professors are Lupin and Snape. Whenever she passes by them she can't help but admire them because of their tales and interesting appearances.

favourite spells;

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amortentia scent;

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a lit fireplace, hot tea, books and crisp winter air.

extra curricular;

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Lex loves to play quidditch, she is the beater for ravenclaw.

feline friend;

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Lex has a grey cat named beau.


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elder wood, pheonix feather core, 10" and hard flexibility.


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Lex's patronus is a grey squirrel.