I. read 2h a day

it's not about how many books you read in a year, do it as slowed down and relaxed as you want and
enjoy the process.
(even though the outcome is even more worthwhile.)

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it doesn't have to be a book, it can be an article as well, from magazines or the internet. or biographies from inspiring people, maybe even a scientific papers, novels, (non-)fiction or self help books. (or simply your school stuff. but that's usually not so relaxing.)

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feed your brain or stay the same!!

reading is so beneficial for your brain. you train your focus, connect the two hemispheres stronger and build new synapses to grow your abilities and knowledge.

II. create output

most people have a need to express themselves, even though we usually don't get enough opportunities to do so.

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it's important for our selflove and selfrespect that we see reasons to be proud of ourselves. watching yourself making progress in something is the most satisfying experience ever.

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concious growth is often seen as the definition of real happiness, so that's what we should strive for!
creating output and actual worth or improvement will give you a way deeper level of satisfaction. even if it takes more time and isn't as relaxed and rewarding as "consuming", which is the opposite of being creating.

typical "consuming" activities:
- watching tv/ netflix/ youtube (unless it's a tutorial and you're actually following it or something)
- unreflectively listening to gossip and taking part in it
- buying something because you saw it in a commercial (or because a youtuber got paid to tell you it's awesome) when you don't even need it
- buying and eating any processed food that looks tasty without caring about all the shit that could be in there
- buying clothes that you know you will probably only wear < 5 times
- consuming drugs (seriously any drug, legal things like alcohol as well) just to pass the time and have fun right now with no value in the future (i mean if it was a wonderful party and you have great memories it's actually valuable).
- playing phone/ video games for hours

leave your fingerprint on the world, create something that's meaningful to you.
made by yourself, for yourself.

III. always have two events planned that you can look forward to

yes, our everyday lives are pretty mundane but having something that you are excited to do soon can give you such a motivation boost.
you can plan something as a reward or as a day to relax, whatever you want :)

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my favourite events:
- going out to a restaurant/cafe with some friends
- going to someone's party
- having my own party!! :D
- meeting with someone i don't see everyday
- going out clubbing with the girlz
- doing a road trip our visiting a city for a weekend
- vacation!!
- ...and so much more :))

IV. do something that's meaningful for you

this one is different for everyone, it's such a personal thing.
what is important for you?

what changes would you like to see in the world?
go some steps in this direction.
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i know it can be desillusionizing that you are just one in 7 billion people, i mean, how much can one person change? but it's important to fight for what is importat to us! that's what our souls need.

(that's actually based on a psychological phenomenon called "cognitive dissonance". it basically says that when your standards and what you truely want and what you actually do don't align, you will feel bad. sounds so simple but in reality we fail a lot at this.)

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i hate being trapped in this materialistic society that is just about making money and spending it on stuff that we don't even really need. but i decided to fight it for myself, even if i can't change the world, i can at least go to bed without feeling guilty for destroying our planet :)

things that i find meaning in:
- being nice to everyone and trying to make their day/life better ;)
- going for the most ecologic choices when shopping, no plastic bags and as little plastic package as possible
- trying to reduce my waste in general (no cotton pads, no plastic bottles, no straws)
- not buying or cooking my own meat. if someone else cooks meat i'm gonna eat it though.
- sharing eveything that could help other people :)
- also very important to me: listening to my friends and helping them with whatever kind of problem they might have

okay this is actually one of my meaningful projects: i really hoped that reading this article has helped you :)

xx, a random girl from the internet


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